By the numbers

• By estimates from OSHA, there are about 5.6 million the Australia healthcare industry workers who are at risk of being exposed to different bloodborne pathogens by the sharps-related injuries and the needlestick injuries 

• About 385,000 injuries are each year sustained by the hospital-based people. This is about 1,00- sharp related injuries occurring each and every day.

• It is estimated that about 600,000 healthcare personnel including other non-acute healthcare facilities each year incurs a needlestick injury.

• About 40% of injuries happening in the Australia occur before disposal of the sharp devices and after use, about 41% during usage on patients, the rest 15% during or even after disposal.

• All healthcare personnel is virtually at risk of harm to the exposures like for instance these injuries. And research shows that approximately half of the injuries are sustained by the nurses.