About Us

The movement was mainly established to enhance and at the same time save the lives of U.S healthcare personnel which are at risk of obtaining these injuries. It started its operations in 2010 just as an online community of healthcare experts and other advocates whose goal was to ensure there is injection safety. In March 2012, the movement will lead an advocacy tour all through the U.S.

The tour intends to pass through over 50 popular U.S hospitals and also make way to attend dozens of healthcare conferences in about 36 metropolitan centers at the time they will be at the initial stages of the national campaign. 

Their representatives will record all the stories they will receive from the healthcare personnel, they will advocate for needlestick safety and all through provide demonstrations on the current safety-engineered medical equipment that will be in place to deliver maximum protection to individuals at risk. The movement is supported proudly by Unilife, their lead sponsor; this is a U.S based world leader to advance delivery of drug systems.