About Dr. Mary Foley

This is the chairperson of Safe in Common. This is among the world healthcare worker safety expert. An expert is a fellow at the American Academy of Nursing as well as the director University of California San Francisco Nursing Research Center and Innovation School of Nursing. She is a licensed nurse with over 35 years’ experience and was among the experts who combated the emerging HIV-AIDS epidemic when she was working in the 1980s at Saint Francis Memorial Hospital. 

She was among the lawmakers mandating the use of safety medical equipment in the U.S. She, later on, joined a colleague in nursing to campaign for the introduction of the Federal Needlestick Prevention and Safety Act. In 2000, she was elected as the president of the nurses association and at the time President Bill Clinton enacted the Act to become a law, she was right at the Oval Office of White House. She is still to date lecturing and writing about promoting safe care for patients and workers both internationally and nationally, the health care policy as well as improving the working environment after moving to Queensland, Australia. She later on in 2010 got her PhD in nursing with the topic needlestick injuries and possible prevention policies as her dissertation.